From 11.00 on 13th of March 2020, our underwriters have advised that policies will no longer provide cover for claims relating to coronavirus disease (COVID-19); severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SAR-COV-2) or any mutation of these. In addition policies sold after this date will not include cover for any claims due to bankruptcy/liquidation of any tour operator, travel agent or transportation company.

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Travel Insurance FAQs

Q. I do not understand how to answer a question?

A. Next to each question you will see , if you click on this it will provide guidance on the information we need from you. If you are still not sure you one of our customer service advisors can help. Call 0800 138 9093.

Q. Will the policy include 24 hour Medical Emergency support?

A. Yes this is standard on all policies.

Q. Will my policy cover cancellation?

A. Yes unless you have removed this cover. Cover begins as soon as you have purchased a Short Trip policy. For Annual Multi Trip policies cancellation cover starts from the date you book your trip or the commencement date of the policy whichever is later and ceases on the policy expiry date unless you renew.

Q. Will the policy cover pre-existing medical conditions?

A. the policy will cover those conditions that you have advised us of and that we have accepted. We do not provide cover for claims directly or indirectly caused by pre existing conditions you have not declared or we have not agreed to cover.

Q. Will the policy cover cancellation if my holiday firm or airline goes bust?

A. If you have booked a package holiday through an ATOL registered travel agent you will be protected under their scheme. However, if you have made independent arrangements you can select to include "End Supplier Failure Cover" which provides cover for the insolvency of any travel arrangements booked before departure, which do not form part of an inclusive holiday.

Q. If I am taken ill abroad can I get bought back to the UK for treatment?

A. If on medical advice you need to return back to the UK the policy will cover you for repatriation expenses as long as arranged through our Medical Emergency service.

Q. Will the policy cover me if I lose my medication whilst I am on holiday?

A. Yes, the policy will reimburse the cost of replacement subject to the terms and value stated in the policy wording.

Q. How do you calculate the premiums?

A. Premiums calculations are based on the type of policy, geographical location, duration, number of travellers and medical condition risk assessment.

Q. What happens when my policy expires will you contact me?

A. We will contact you by email prior to the expiry of your Annual Multi Trip policy to remind you of the expiry date and to invite you to renew the policy.

Q. Will my personal information be safe?

A. Yes all of your information is encrypted and stored within our own dedicated servers and protected by security firewalls. We do not store payment card details. You can refer to our Privacy Policy to find out further details on how your information may be used.

Q. Are my card details safe if I pay online?

A. Yes. Our website is protected by SSL encryption technology. A padlock symbol appears next to our website address in your internet navigation bar to indicate that our site is protected. We do not store any payment card details in our system.

Q. Can I do a quote and then come back to buy the policy later?

A. Yes by signing into My Account you will be able to see and retrieve quotes previously done. Quotes are only valid for 30 days. You will need to do a new quote if you come back after this time.

Q. When will I receive my insurance policy?

A. Your policy will be emailed to you as soon as we have accepted and you have paid your premium for cover.

Q. How do I make a claim?

A. The claims process is easy, call:
+(44) (0) 203 362 2453 if you have a medical emergency or for all other claims please contact Reactive claims
Phone: 01420 383010 Email: Web:
our claims partner will register your claim and advise you of what to do next. Details of our claims procedure is outlined in the policy terms and conditions.

Q. What do I do if I am unhappy about my policy or the service you have provided?

A. We would hope that you would never have cause to complain. However, if you have cause for concern you can inform us of this using the Contact Us form, emailing or by calling us on 0800 138 9093.

Q. Can I cancel my policy?

A. Yes, you can cancel your policy at any time by informing us in writing by post or email. Details of our cancellation terms are outlined in the Policy Information and Policy Terms and Conditions.

Q. Who is the insurer behind the policy?

A. This insurance is underwritten by MAPFRE Asistencia

Q. How do I get a copy of my insurance policy?

A. A copy of your insurance policy is stored in My Account on the system. You can access this at anytime. If you have any difficulties you can contact our customer services team on 0800 138 9093.

Q. When do I have to update my medical records?

A. You should update your records if your clinical status changes and/or you have the results of your regular medical check. It's easy to do, call customer services on 0800 138 9093.

Q. Can I add or delete someone on my policy if my travel plans change?

A. Yes, you can do this by calling us on 0800 138 9093.

Q. How do I stop receiving emails from you?

A. We may need to contact you by email in relation to the administration of your policy and/or during a claim. You cannot opt out from these communications. You have the opportunity to unsubscribe from marketing emails during the quote process or at any time by clicking unsubscribe at the base of marketing emails we may send to you.

Q. Do you work with the charity I support?

A. The charities that we work with are listed in the Charity Partnership area on the website.